EWTA Silver – £19.95 / Month

Set 16 of the Tai Chi long Form.

Teaches moves 50 to 52

Tai Chi Sword teaches moves 1 to 11

EWTA Silver – £19.95 / Month


Try it  for 30 days and if you don’t think its brilliant send me an email we will refund your payment. After that time should you wish to unsubscribe anytime simple send us an email and we will unsubscribe you, no questions asked. No refunds will be issued after the 30 day Guarantee period.

There are now over 250 training videos in total so far with many more to come

Everything in the Bronze level plus:

The Complete Tai Chi Form 1 to 140

Tai Chi Dance 1 to 60 – With 60 to 120 and 120 to 185 added after week 9.

Chi Expressions

I Fu Shou

Tai Chi Staff

Tai Chi Sword
The Tai Chi & Dao Yin Manual
Tai Chi Silk

Once you have been a member at this level for 6 consecutive weeks you will receive access to the advanced techniques for Tai Chi Ch’uan list here with more being added all the time.

Chi Expressions

Tai Chi Applications

Advanced Tai Chi Training Exercises

More Yin Section Dao Yin

More Yang Section Dao Yin

More Yin/Yang Section Dao Yin

Specialist Breathing Exercises

Advanced I Fu Shou

Advanced Stance Work

3 More Cobra Stance Kai Men

3 More Crossleg Stance Kai Men

2 More Crane Stance Kai Men

3 More Bear Stance Kai Men

Chi Expression Partners Exercise No 1