EWTA Platinum – £39.95 / Month

 From the advanced Tai Chi section

Lesson 2 – Tai Chi Form applications for moves 1 to 3

Kai Men Willow Stance Exercise from the advanced section 

Includes everything from the Silver and Gold levels

EWTA Platinum – £39.95 per month


Try it for 30 days and if you don’t think its brilliant send me an email we will refund your payment. After that time should you wish to unsubscribe anytime simple send us an email and we will unsubscribe you, no questions asked. No refunds will be issued after the 30 day Guarantee period.

We believe this is so good you won’t want to. Once you have been a member at this level for 6 consecutive weeks you will receive access to the advanced techniques for both Tai Chi Ch’uan and Feng Shou. Advanced Training and advanced training tips are released to you after this initial period and of course new topics are added constantly.

There are now more than 400 plus training videos in total with many more to come

Everything in the Silver and Gold levels Plus:

What Does Your Membership to Tai Chi Online Training Include?

When you become a member of the Ultimate Video Vault, you’ll receive a login to the private, members-only website, where you’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to:

All the Tai Chi online training videos, containing more than 390 tutorial videos and these numbers are growing.

The Tai Chi, Dao Yin, Kai Men Manuals and Howard’s books and articles to read online.

Everything you need on an ongoing basis is included in the website. There are NO heavy books to lug around… NO piles of paper to keep organized… Just the essential video courses that will keep you fully informed and up to date, to master Tai Chi training. Any time, any place, anywhere…

Learn at your own pace… in your own environment… at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere you have an Internet connection!

Read What Others Are Saying About our Online Tai Chi training:


Subject: Re: Tai Chi Lee Style Online Training Site

Hi Howard, I simply wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed viewing your training videos today. 

It’s the first serious look I have given your videos and I was pleasantly surprised at their quality. I really appreciate how much work must have gone into creating this material and I am sure this will be a huge resource for your students. 

There is an elegance and grace to your form that is a pleasure to watch and the detail of the presentation will be a joy to learn from. 

So I simply wanted to thank you.

All the very best, Peter – Surrey


I’m really enjoying watching the training clips on your new “Tai Chi Online Training” website.

They bring back so many memories of training with Trevor and/or the Old Man.

I feel it’s an important resource for the Lee (Li) Arts for both current and future students. I’m currently only practising the T’ai Chi Ch’uan, but the Feng Shou clips bought the memories flooding back.

Nic Bravin – Guildford, Surrey.


I just logged on now. It’s brilliant. Anytime anywhere tai chi training. Just Perfect!

Thank you for going to so much trouble for us all.

Margaret Eames – Sheffield