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Some examples of the Feng Shou (Kung Fu) Training videos

Defences against No 16 Foot patten

The Right Way to Start Learning Rollaways

EWTA Feng Shou

Gold – £19.95 / Month



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There are now over 150 training videos in total so far with many more to come

Feng Shou – Kung Fu

Foot Patterns 1 to 40 and defence against kicks more released to you over time over time.

Arm Locks – more released to you over time over time.
Wrist Locks – more released to you over time over time.
Arm Control – more released to you over time over time.

Ward Offs – Rollaways Techniques – released to you week 10 with more over time.

Press Downs
Teacup Evasions
Round The Clock Evasions
5 Lotus Petals – Coming soon

Dook Sau 1 to 6

Chee Soo’s Shou Pay Fah Form

Feng Shou Staff 1 to 60 – released to you on week 9

Once you have been a member at this level for 6 consecutive weeks you will receive access to the advanced techniques for Feng Shou listed below with more to come:

Feng Shou Foot Patterns 41 to 83

More Locks

Dook Shou 7 to 10

Dook Shou 11 to 14

Teacup Extensions 4 to 8

Round The Clock Extensions 4 to 8

Whirling Arms

Push and Pull Exercise

Chi Shu


Defence Against Kicks

Round The Clock Techniques


Feng Shou Sabre

Feng Shou Staff 60 to 120

Escape from strangles against a wall